Our schedule

23th August, Tuesday // breakfast in the residence, study visit to Arkas Art Center Urla, study visit to Gru Art Center and Be Contemporary, early dinner at Kırmızı, back to the residence 

24th August, Wednesday // breakfast in the residence, 11.15 – bus and cooking with Belgin, walk in Urla or beach, 17.00 – visit to the Mozaik Vinery, 4 persons, back to the residence. Wine and cheese. 

25th August, Thursday // breakfast in the residence, workshop HUMMUS, lunch with Rotary, Swisshotel art collection, 16.00 study visit to Darağaç Collective and shopping in Alsancak. Wine and cheese in the residency.

26th August, Friday // breakfast in the residence, visit to the antique city of Ephesus and Mother Mary Church, study visit to Matematik Köyü and Tiyatro Medresesi, early dinner at Sirince.

27th August, Saturday // breakfast in the residence, Cesme and dinner.

28th August, Sunday // breakfast in the residence, no bus, 10:30 – presentation by Andrey. 11:30 – Belarusian artists make draniki for the Turkish women and Swedish experts make meatballs. 13:00 – Belgin and Seyhan are invited to the performance lunch. The Belarusian artists and Swedish experts will serve the table. Net weaving – HOME all together.

29th August, Monday // NB breakfast in the residence, recording a podcast with Konca Yumlu, Alzhak beach in the afternoon.

30th August, Tuesday // NB, Breakfast in the residence, holiday in TurkeyVictory Day, beach.

31th August, Wednesday // Breakfast in the residence, 10:30 bus trip to Izmir, art shop and Kemeraltı Old Town in Konac. Meet Zeliha is a female entrepreneur running own business @urlakuru. She invites everyone to her house at 16:00.

1st September, Thursday //breakfast in the residence, recording podcasts, 11.00 bus to Ege University where we will meet professor Merih Tekin Bender and museums. Sunset walk in Alsancak.

2rd September, Friday // breakfast in the residence, bus leaves at 10:30. Meeting and lunch with an architect Arda Işık’ın in the office building Withco CoCoworking.

3rd September, Saturday // breakfast in the residence, bus at 10.30, Saturday women market in Urla @urlakadinkoopKadin Uretici Pazari Urla Eski Tamirhane Binasi, visit to the antique city of Teos, old market in Sığacık, visit to Ekmeksiz Beach.

4rd September, Sunday// NB, breakfast in the residence, recording podcasts, wine tasting at Mozaik winery.

5th September, Monday // NB, breakfast in the residence, Daily boat trip from Iskele.

6th September, Tuesday // breakfast in the residence, study visit of a local farm @urlaroots run by a woman Hulya – Urla, lunch in the local kitchen by Muazzez – Turkish gozleme, beach, Final dinner in an art shop and restaurant İstifçi Urla together with our Turkish colleagues.

7th September, Wednesday // breakfast in the residence, 10:30 bus to Istanbul airport for 13 persons. Flight at 22:15 with Belavia.

This is a preliminary schedule. On other days that are not listed above, we are planning to stay in the residency, surrounded by nature, a winery, and a stable. We will be cooking together and meeting new friends. We can make Belarusian food – draniki for our Swedish and Turkish colleagues one day and another day, we can explore Swedish Fika or Turkish baklava.

We will be focusing on recording podcasts and creating a joint artwork to become a symbol for our meeting with new cultures.

I am looking forward to meet you all and share ideas and success.